Kitties and canines are lining up for a chance to get into the Olympic Games
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Credit: Courtesy Sir Charles Doodle

The Final Five have proven themselves. Michael Phelps has splashed his way to 21 career golds. Katie Ledecky has been number one … three times.

The American Olympians are more impressive than ever. Their greatness is so astounding, so palpable that even pets are taking notice. Furry animals across the country are donning their red, white and blue best in an effort to emulate their athletic idols.

An official pet olympics is still just a pipe dream — though we did get the Kitten Summer Games — but that hasn’t stopped these cats and dogs from hoping they will get a spot in the 2018 or 2020 events.

Take a look at our aspiring animal athletes:

Keep dreaming kitties and canines. The Olympians never stopped when someone told them no, and you shouldn’t either.