April 13, 2017 06:06 PM

One certainty of life that we can all take comfort in is that somewhere in the world, a panda is doing something ridiculously cute.

Recently there were at least two “pandas” doing their part to keep the panda name associated with all things precious. I say “pandas” because one is a red panda, which is a closer relative to a raccoon, but is still a master in all things adorable.

The first, is a true-blue panda cub, who was recently treated to a full body massage that focused mostly on tummy work. While I would prefer to be getting a massage, or, even better, be the one giving this cub a massage, watching the bliss on this bear’s face comes in at a close third.

Now, for the less relaxed. This red panda is on red alert! On a routine trot into its exhibit, the red cutie spotted an intruder. It was, big, solid, scary! It was … a rock!

The red panda, as you can see, acted accordingly when faced with such an adversary. He puffed up, threatened the foe with his fluffy paws and gave it a few menacing sniffs. Thanks to this red panda’s quick thinking, you better believe that rock didn’t try any funny business.

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