March 13, 2017 02:28 PM

Have you heard about this blizzard that is barreling towards the northeast United States?

Pandas Ya Lun and Xi Lun have no idea. The 6-month-old twins are too busy celebrating their new strides at Zoo Atlanta.

The dapper and adorable duo recently hit a new milestone, graduating to full days of play in their dayroom habitat. This means busy “work” days filled with climbing, jumping, exploring and preparing for their first big adventure in the great outdoors. If Ya Lun and Xi Lun keep up this progress, soon they will be moved outside to spend more time in their outdoor habitat.

This is good news for panda lovers, because it means more cute cub viewing opportunities for zoo visitors.

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So, all you East Coasters, by the time you dig yourself out of the snow, start thinking about a trip to Atlanta. Until then, enjoy these innocent, jovial bundles of black-and-white fluff tumbling about like sweet snowballs.

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