Can we sign up for this therapy?

By Grace Gavilanes
Updated February 10, 2016 11:13 PM

We have never wanted to move to Utah more than we do now.

Residents of William E. Christoffersen Veterans Home in Salt Lake City, Utah, are feeling the love thanks to 11-month-old Charlie, a kangaroo that was brought into the home in an effort to boost spirits and offer companionship to residents.

“He just makes everybody smile,” administrator Noralyn Kahn told KUTV of Charlie, who is said to have a penchant for being cradled and bottle fed.

But Charlie the kangaroo isn’t the only one helping out at the home — dozens of animals provide residents with plenty of TLC to go around, which is a plus seeing as Charlie will eventually leave after reaching a certain height and weight. Currently, he weighs 30 pounds, but he could grow up to be 125 pounds as the years go by.

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Regardless, it’s undeniable the almost 1-year-old kangaroo has touched many lives during his stay, having visited special education classes as well as hospice care facilities.

Charlie is so loved and appreciated that the Utah Red Cross is honoring him and Kahn on March 31 for their service.

“He just knows that he has to love them. And it doesn’t matter what they look like or how they act, he’s there to love them,” says Kahn. “It is very emotional to me because it is such tenderness. And it makes such a difference in so many lives.”