April 05, 2012 03:30 PM

These stories are worth a click:

In an attempt to get them to mate, officials at Britain’s Edinburgh Zoo have created a “love tunnel” between the enclosures of giant panda male Yang Guang and female Tian Tian. The zoo has also turned off its online “panda cam” in the hopes that privacy will encourage bonding. –Huffington Post

Jeremy Renner is still reeling from the loss of his French bulldog puppy, Franklin, who died in March of a heart attack. “He was my solution for being so lonely,” he said. –The Hollywood Reporter

615 dolphins have been found dead along the beaches of Peru, with the suspected culprit being sonic blasts used in the exploration of oil. “You can be sure there are a great many more out at sea and the total will reach into the thousands,” said Hardy Jones, the head of conservation group BlueVoice.org. –MSNBC.com

A new study shows that dogs, much like humans, can be easily exhausted when forced to exert self-control, and are more likely to make poor decisions later on as a result. –Discovery News

London’s Natural History Museum is showcasing a new exhibition that displays animals from the inside out, including an elephant, shark and gorilla. “Once you enter the exhibition and see how intricately nature has shaped these species, people will have a completely different view,” the artist’s wife, Dr. Angelina Whalley, said. –The Guardian

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