November 26, 2012 04:35 PM

These stories are worth a click:

Move over, Kitten Cam. There’s a new aw-dorable pastime taking over the Internet: HuskyCam. The live stream features five Siberian huskies who were born Oct. 23. –Huffington Post

Do apes feel the desire to buy fancy sports cars when they hit a certain age? Not quite, but researchers say they, too, suffer from midlife crises. The study followed 508 great apes, who were observed experiencing a lower level of well-being in the period of time between youth and old age. –Time

A couple is dead and a 16-year-old is still missing after they were pulled into the ocean in Northern California while trying to rescue their dog. The dog eventually made its way out of the water on its own. –AP

Like human soldiers, dogs too can require treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder, veterinarians and senior dog handlers at Texas’s Lackland Air Force Base determined. Treatment includes conditioning, retraining and even medication. –Los Angeles Times

The National Zoo is mourning the loss of Soyono, the 19-year-old Sumatran tiger euthanized last week. She was suffering from a form of vertebral arthritis and had trouble walking. –Discovery News

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