The Water Bowl: Yes, Bats Think About Sex, New Study Finds

These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

What do bats think about? A new study published in the latest Proceedings of the Royal Society B suggests the winged critters have sex on their brains. The research reveals that bat echolocation calls, mainly used during activities like hunting, also provide a way for bats to find and keep mates. –Discovery News

Authorities in Coos County, Ore., are investigating the death of a local farmer, who was eaten by his hogs. The man’s remains, discovered last week, were mostly consumed by the animals, with the exception of his dentures and a few other body parts. Investigators say it’s possible the 700-lb. hogs overpowered him in their enclosure, or that he collapsed on his own after suffering from a heart attack. –Register-Guard

Lesson of the day: Don’t ride manatees. A Florida woman turned herself in Tuesday after police launched a public campaign using a photo of her riding a manatee, which is illegal. “Go ride a Jet Ski,” a sheriff said of the manatee rider. “Don’t use animals.” –Tampa Bay Times

A truck driver discovered an unexpected (and furry) passenger in his Chevy Silverado after a ride from Chino to San Clemente, Calif., Monday. The 25-lb. dog, now nicknamed “Chevy,” survived the 110-mile trip inside the vehicle’s engine compartment, and local officials are trying to locate the owner. – Los Angeles Times

The number of dogs becoming ill from medical marijuana has quadrupled in Colorado, according to a five-year study; most canines under the influence, or “stoner dogs,” survive. –CBS Denver

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