The Water Bowl: Will & Kate Receive Polar Bear Gifts

These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were presented with diamond cuff links and a diamond brooch featuring a polar bear motif. The sparkling items were comprised of 692 diamonds – not a bad gift! –

Kim Kardashian says she feels “like a zoo animal” when she’s out in public, as strangers often take photos of her without asking. –The Scoop

Who’s got the best name in baseball? According to many pet owners, it’s Derek Jeter, as Jeter is a popular name for dogs. –New York Times

Someone has used Google Earth to track his cat’s movements around the house – and he’s made a prety map. –Jezebel

After a few ducklings became trapped in a storm drain in Idaho, some humans gathered to help free them. They used duct tape to rescue the birds. – Boise

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