January 27, 2010 03:34 PM

These stories are worth a click:

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey made $653,671 in 2009, and the grocery chain founder donated the post-taxes monies of $379,636 to Global Animal Partnership, an organization that benefits farm animals. –ABC News

Examining the relationship between humans and dogs: What exactly are we doing together? –New York Magazine

Arthritic animals are seeing some physical relief with the help of stem cell therapy, which reduces inflammation and pain. –Times Union

Kiefer Sutherland has lost nearly $900,000 after investing in cattle that were never actually purchased. –PEOPLE.com

A 19-year-old aspiring physical therapist was gunned down in Brooklyn while walking his pit bull-Rottweiler mix. –New York Daily News

Two sand cats made history in the Middle East after being the first sand cats born of in-vitro fertilization at a United Arab Emirates zoo. –gulfnews.com

The incredible fending off of a bear by a cat inspired a roundup of other uncanny battles between cat and everybody else. –Jezebel

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