December 11, 2012 05:30 PM

These stories are worth a click:

Forget bones: This holiday season, pet-friendly gifts are becoming increasingly high-tech. Possible presents range from dog-treat makers to exercise equipment. –AP

Days after shocking shoppers at a Toronto Ikea store, Darwin the monkey found a new home at a primate sanctuary in rural Ontario. He was seized from his owners because it is against the law to keep a monkey as a pet in Toronto. –National Post

Thinking of adopting a dog? A Brigham Young University student is encouraging potential pet owners to rent out puppies in an effort to place them in forever homes. An hour costs $15, and for $25, clients can get up close and personal with a pup for two hours. –ABC News

An increasing number of service dogs are diabetic or hypoglycemic alert dogs, who are trained to detect high and low blood-sugar levels. The canines pick up a scent researchers have yet to identify. –Wall Street Journal

She’s a cat burglar – literally! A London neighborhood feline was inadvertently stealing people’s keys with her magnetic collar, which she wore to use her cat-flap door. “Obviously she likes roaming around and sneaking into other people’s homes, and it just so happens that her magnetic collar kept picking up people’s spare keys,” said Milo’s owner. –The Telegraph

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