The Water Bowl: Wandering Penguin Falls Ill, Receives Help

These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

Nature will have to take its course some other time. A wayward baby penguin who landed on New Zealand’s shores after swimming from Antarctica has fallen ill after eating sand and driftwood. Wildlife officials have since intervened to try to nurse the bird back to health. –AP

The trial against Casey Anthony, the young mother accused of killing her child, took an unexpected turn when Anthony’s mother, Cindy, took the witness stand to testify that she had performed Internet searches for “chloroform.” She said she had become concerned about her dogs eating bamboo in the backyard. –

An elk named Shooter seemed to be playing at the Pocatello Zoo’s water tank – or so zoo staffers thought. He was actually there to rescue a drowning marmot. –KPVI News 6

How do you treat a dog who has been wounded by a roadside bomb? The Amy has issued guidelines on how to treat injuries on war dogs. –USA Today

It’s Bring Your Dog to Work Day! –ABC World News Now

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