These stories are worth a click


These stories are worth a click:

Two goldfish named Shaggy and Daphne survived the devastating New Zealand earthquake in February, and lived another 134 days in their 26-gallon tank without food or their tank filter. –Mail Online

The wild cougar who frightened Greenwich, Conn., for weeks and who was finally killed by an SUV, actually traveled all the way from South Dakota, traveling 1,500 miles to end up in Connecticut. –New York Times

A 36-year-old woman from Madison, Wis., was being sexually assaulted by a man when her golden retriever came running. He growled and barked until the attacker fled. –The Capital Times

Talk about a boxing kangaroo! A 94-year-old Australian woman was hanging her laundry out to dry in her backyard when a giant red kangaroo knocked her down to the ground and kicked her. She was eventually rescued by her son. –Courier Mail

An 8-month-old German shepherd ran away from his New York City home and wound up swimming for 40 minutes in the Rockaway Inlet. Two NYPD officers on harbor patrol and saved the dog, who had drifted nearly two miles out in the water. –CBS New York