The Water Bowl: Two Chihuahuas Scare Chicken to Death

These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

Kansas resident Joy C. McDonald faces animal abuse chargers after her Chihuahuas, Peaches and Domino, allegedly scared her neighbor’s elderly pet chicken to death, barking at its cage and causing it to have a heart attack by the neighbor’s accounts. If convicted, McDonald could be sent to county jail for a year and/or be fined as much as $1,000. –Kansas City Star

Teco, a 4-month-old bonobo residing at Iowa’s Bonobo Hope Great Ape Sanctuary, impressed scientists when he expressed his desire for a grape through a tablet computer. The bonobo’s father, Kanzi, is the world’s most linguistically-advanced non-human, and researchers believe that Teco will surpass his father’s abilities. –

Despite having only been first spotted in the area in 2003, brown widow spiders are taking over Southern California, far outnumbering the local black widow spiders that are native to the region. Unlike black widows, which prefer to hide in cracks, brown widow spiders gravitate towards people’s things, such as the underside of chairs, garbage can handles and potted plants. –Los Angeles Times

The blue whale population of Sri Lanka is under attack by the growing number of ships that traffic the water surrounding it, including commercial ships and a growing number of unregulated whale-watching boats. Though it is unclear how many deaths have been directly related to ship strikes, six have already been reported through April of this year. –New York Times

After a suspect’s attorney attempted to discredit a drug-sniffing canine by revealing that drugs were found only 22 of the 85 times he alerted police to their presence, a judge ruled in favor of the dog’s work. A member of the Virginia police department, Bono the dog was found to have a 50 percent accuracy rate after police determined that in many instances, drugs had been moved from where Bono sensed them. –Roanoke Times

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