The Water Bowl: Turtles on the Runway Slow JFK Air Traffic

These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

New York’s JFK airport had dozens of flight delays because about 150 turtles were crawling across a tarmac to get to their breeding grounds. It goes without saying that the turtles are now on Twitter. –

Would you remember a crow’s face? They remember yours. Crows who perceive humans to be threatening remember their face for the rest of their lives, and bring other crows to form a mob and “scold” the person. –Discovery News

A rare white buffalo calf, born during a thunderstorm in Texas, has been honored with a special ceremony because it is regarded as sacred by the Lakota Sioux. It was named Lightning Medicine Calf. –AP

Recently released undercover video allegedly shows the brutal treatment of pigs at a factory farm in Iowa, one that provides pork to major retailers like Costco and Safeway. –

Giant monitor lizard sightings have been on the rise in West Palm Beach, Fla., frightening residents and posing a danger to the eggs of native Florida birds. –WPBF West Palm Beach