These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

Tarzan is ready to fight for his cats: Steve Sipek, who played the jungle dweller in a Spanish film adaptation of the classic story, will see the case to reclaim his two tigers and leopard play out in South Florida court as the woman he shares his property with makes an appeal to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. The animals were seized on Feb. 27 after his U.S. Department of Agriculture permit to own the big cats was revoked. –South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Should humans decide when a pet’s suffering comes to an end? Bioethicist Jessica Pierce explores the topic of pet euthanasia by reflecting on the death of her own dog, Ody. “Euthanasia is deeply entrenched in the culture of pet keeping in America, and for the vast majority of companion animals, death will be orchestrated by a human caretaker, the time and date chosen in advance and not, as it were, decided by ‘nature’ or some higher power,” she writes. –New York Times

That’s some not-so-precious cargo: A baggage handler on a domestic Australian flight found a crocodile that escaped its cage in an airport holding area. No damage was sustained, and the airline is investigating the case. –Metro

There’s a happy ending for a 15-year-old white poodle whose owners gave him up in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina seven years ago. After he was found wandering the roads in North Carolina, Shorty’s original owners want him back, which is possible thanks to a microchip. –Today

Seeing double? A family in South Carolina discovered they had a snake with two heads living in their backyard. They have been caring for the reptile, who has a head on each side of its body, since workmen at their home uncovered it three weeks ago. – Fox Carolina