These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

A magician in China has been forced to cancel a synchronized swimming fish trick that he was scheduled to perform on state TV after animal activists alleged that he was putting magnets in the fish to drag them around the tank. –AFP

Is the little mouse the answer to every man’s hair anxieties? Researchers at UCLA have found that mice that had gone bald from too much stress, but were then given a compound to block the stress, were able to regrow their hair. –

A recently-released study found that sleeping with pets (or kissing them) could be very bad for your health. Getting pets out of your bed might be a tough prospect, so it might be better to simply have them stop licking your face (it’s a riskier practice). –New York Times

Oddly enough, jumping spiders that prey on mosquitoes also love the odor of smelly socks. In what could be a positive development in the fight against malaria, scientists discovered found that spiders are attracted to human smells and could be used to help combat the disease.–BBC News

U.S. Congressman Dan Burton, a Republican from Indiana, has introduced a spending bill amendment that would make funds available for giving birth control to wild horses and burros. The contraceptives would help curb the costs of rounding up the horses, which is how the population is currently controlled. –