These stories are worth a click

August 13, 2010 06:37 PM

These stories are worth a click:

The Jersey Shore’s poufiest cast member Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi applied to trademark her nickname, but her application was denied … Because of a cartoon cat named Snooky. The children’s book Adventures of Snooky: Under the Sea was published in 2004. –Gawker

Upscale New York City department store Bergdorf Goodman has dispatched a team of bedbug-sniffing beagles as a preventative measure against the bugs. “We’ve decided to be on the safe side,” said a spokesperson. –

A new species of titi monkey has been discovered in the Colombian Amazon. It is about the size of a cat and forms lifelong monogamous pairs. There are only about 250 of them in the wild. –New Scientist

Purple martin enthusiasts are growing in number, and sales of housing for the swallows have increased 40 percent each year for the last five years. The birds’ population has increased recently, owing to the human support. –New York Times

Italian cocaine traffickers were using a 10-ft. long, rare albino python to protect the drugs like a guard dog. Police seized the creature, who had been starved to make more aggressive. –Reuters

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