These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

He’s still not skinny, but Skinny the cat is on his way to reaching his goal weight. Found in September weighing 41 lbs., he’s now down to 37 lbs., which means he’s still too heavy to be adopted, but his specialized diet and exercise plan should help him eventually get down to about 30 lbs. –Today

Even reptiles can be sensitive: A new study published in the Journal of Experimental Biology finds that crocodile and alligator jaws, in addition to the bumps on their bodies, are more attuned to pressure and vibration than human fingertips. –Discovery News

Another four years in the office doesn’t mean another canine playmate for President Barack Obama’s dog, Bo. But perhaps the White House is ready for a First Cat? “They’re quieter than dogs, less labor intensive – not that staff is a problem in the White House – and really good at amusing themselves,” reporter Carla Hall argues in an editorial. –Los Angeles Times

The latest breakout Disney star is super cute – and super furry. Meet Stan, the doggy protagonist of the network’s new series, Dog with a Blog. In addition to maintaining his online presence, Stan can talk. –Time