August 13, 2009 03:58 PM

These stories are worth a click:

Coney Island sideshow owner John Strong has won at least one battle in the fight over the five-legged puppy. On Wednesday, TV judge Jeanine Pirro awarded Strong $4,000 after ruling that the dog’s original owner, Calvin Owensby, broke Strong’s contract to buy the dog when he sold it to new owner Allyson Siegel of North Carolina. Siegel recently had the dog’s fifth appendage removed, but Strong said yesterday that he still plans to sue to reclaim the pup, named Lilly.–Associated Press

An Israeli woman paid $32,000 for her boxer Orchuck to fly business class on the airline El Al. “I didn’t think for a minute to leave Or, my little Orchuk, with the cargo,” she said.–New York Daily News

Why do flamingos stand on one leg? Scientists believe they now have the answer to this mystery of nature: They do it to regulate their body temperature.–BBC

Michael Vick was in Chicago Wednesday talking to kids about the evils of dog fighting. “We spoke with dozens of young people, and Michael shared his story, expressed remorse for his actions, urged the community to stand up to dog fighting, and asked them to help with the campaign,” said Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States.–Wayne Pacelle

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