September 19, 2012 04:00 PM

These stories are worth a click:

Do sharks see the world in black and white? New research published in the latest Royal Society Biology Letters suggests that the predators of the sea are indeed color-blind and only perceive black and white. “Color as we think of it may be unimportant to sharks, and they are only interested in achromatic contrast differences, just as if we were watching something on a black-and-white TV set,” explained the study’s co-author. –Discovery News

Philadelphia’s Penn Vet Working Dog Center opened a center to train and breed “detection dogs” who excel at this type of work, from searching for missing people to sniffing out diseases, including cancer. –Gothamist

Another notable birth for the books: An endangered fishing cat was born at the U.K.’s Curraghs Wildlife Park. Now 8 weeks old, a park spokesperson says the kitten is one of only 200 living in captivity around the world. –BBC

Four dogs survived an Indianapolis fire early Wednesday morning thanks to the observation of their owner, who noticed the smell of smoke when he went to leave for work just before 6 a.m. The family also evacuated in time. –

Not everyone is a dog person. Philadelphia Magazine executive editor explains why he isn’t so fond of Fido, fully aware that “in our society, saying you don’t like dogs is tantamount to saying you’re a supporter of Middle Eastern terrorism.” –Discovery News

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