June 03, 2011 03:00 PM

These stories are worth a click:

After giving birth to daughter Willow this week, Pink has other things on her mind, but the singer would be pleased to know that Selena Gomez has cut the pink-painted horses from her upcoming music video for “Love You Like a Love Song.” Pink had protested on Twitter about the animals being painted. –E! Online

A deer entered a bank and ran through the facility, banging onto doors. A security guard held the doors open so that when the deer ran back toward the entrance, it could run right out again. –Huffington Post

Three alligators named Little Beefer, Simon and Theodore flew from Phoenix to Tampa in the cargo section of a Southwest Airlines flight this week. They had been rescued and were taken to a sanctuary in Florida. –wtsp.com

A vervet monkey in South Africa was killed by residents who declared it was a talking witch. The animal was beaten and shot at, then burned after being doused with gasoline. –GlobalPost

After a tornado leveled one Massachusetts woman’s home, she thought she lost her cat, Merlin. But the cat was there, alive, under some boards and covered in debris. –WHEC News 10

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