November 29, 2012 05:05 PM

These stories are worth a click:

Show and tell? Russian school children found a 5-month-old escaped lion cub and brought it to their teacher Wednesday. The animal stayed in the school gym until it was transported to a local zoo. –Huffington Post

Nearly a month after her son was mauled to death by wild African dogs at the Pittsburgh Zoo, the 2-year-old boy’s mother won’t be prosecuted, according to the district attorney. Authorities, however, are still investigating the zoo for potential criminal negligence. –AP

After saving his owner’s mother from a highly venomous cottonmouth snake, Dante the black lab is reuniting with his family overseas in Spain. The Florida pooch suffered bites on his face and leg, which caused his snout to swell to about 17 inches. –Orlando Sentinel

A burglar is in jail after he broke into a Spokane, Wash., home Wednesday evening and stabbed the owner’s dog. Although the canine suffered a knife wound in the neck, it is expected to survive. –AP

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