These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

A wild turkey attacked a mail truck on Cape Cod last week –and it’s now been linked to the Kennedy family. Ethel Kennedy claims that the turkey, who is “aggressive and he knows how to escape” fits her bird’s description. –

Fetch Club, a doggie disco in New York City, allows human patrons to bring their urban dogs along for a night out on the town. There is bowl service and Sauvignon Bark for the pooches. –The Daily

A bomb-sniffing dog lost his owner, a Marine who was killed by a sniper. The Marine’s parents gave the black Lab, Eli, a home by adopting him after their son died. –AP

Olympia Marie Wawryk, a cat, joined Canada’s BC Liberal party in December hoping to cast a vote in the election for the next premier. –The Globe and Mail

When a New York City chicken named Gertrude was stolen from her coop, her owners called the police – who laughingly took pictures of the crime scene instead of investigating. When the whole neighborhood got involved, the chicken was returned. –New York Times