These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

Researchers in Highlands County, Fla., are using day-old donuts and other stale pastries to entice black bears into traps so that they can fit them with GPS monitoring devices. Tracking the bear’s location will help researchers figure out which bear habitats they need to protect.–CNN

A woman who posted a birth announcement in U.K.’s The Times newspaper, extolling the birth of “quintuplets” named Beyonce, Tyra, Bobbi, Barrack and Earl, failed to mention that the mother, Kate, was a dog, leading to much confusion at the newspaper and among people in the area.–BBC

In a new study, scientists at Emory University found that chimps will yawn after watching animated chimps yawn. The research could help them learn how computer games may cause children to imitate what they see on screen.–BBC

Michigan State University is now home to a $2 million large animal MRI machine that is big enough for cows and horses. The school says it’s the third of it’s kind in the country and the first at an academic institution.–

Michael Vick spoke to 200 freshmen at Nueva Esperanza Academy, a charter school in North Philadelphia, on Tuesday, and used himself as an example of the dangers of succumbing to peer pressure.–L.A. Times Unleashed