April 20, 2012 03:00 PM

These stories are worth a click:

Ravens have the ability to recall their interactions with humans, and will greet them accordingly in the future, varying their calls based on past experiences. For example, when encountering a “foe,” ravens drop their voices to sound lower, louder and rougher. –Discovery News

The LA City Council voted in favor of a new rule that would force all dogs and cats displayed in mall storefronts and windows to be rescues. The measure is in response to the growing number of puppy mills and an effort to clamp down on their popularity. –Huffington Post

Dog owners, and prospective voters, are not being swayed by the back-and-forth in the media over Mitt Romney’s treatment of his Irish setter, Seamus, and President Barack Obama’s confession to eating dog meat as a child. “Really, both issues are stupid, given what we are wrestling with as a country,” said Patricia Warne, a research scientist who owns four dogs. –AP

A Denver woman won $65,000 from a cleaning company after she sued them for negligence and emotional distress when her dog was killed while maids from the service were at her home. Robin Lohre stated that the maids let her 18-month-old dog Ruthie get hit by a car, and then left her under a dining table to die. –TheDenverChannel.com

Two employees were killed when several bears managed to get out of their cages at Japan’s Hachimantai park. Local hunters have found and killed some of the bears, but it is unclear how many of the 38 housed at the park are on the loose. –BBC News

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