These stories are worth a click:

These stories are worth a click:

Animal rights campaigners are after Queen Elizabeth and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, today after both women were spotted wearing what appeared to be fur hats on Christmas. Camilla’s vintage fox fur came from her mother, while it’s not yet been confirmed if the Queen’s fuzzy headpiece was real or faux. –NDTV

The National Zoo’s two giant pandas, Mei Xiang and Tian Tian, are extending their stay in Washington, D.C. Zoo Director Dennis W. Kelly traveled to China last week to negotiate the animals’ 10-year lease, which ended in early December. The zoo hopes that the two will soon produce a baby to join their first offspring, 5-year-old Tai Shan. –Washington Post

A dog saved a kitten’s life in Troy, Mich., on Christmas morning. While out for a walk with its owner, the pup sniffed out the frozen feline, who’d been sealed in a cardboard box and left in an alley for trash pick-up. The kitten is now recovering at a local animal hospital. –Catster

The owner of the Rhodesian Ridgeback who welcomed a 17-puppy litter last week is planning to spay her dog. Owner Ramona Wegemann, who lives in Berlin, says the 26-hour labor was very tiresome for dog Etana, and she doesn’t want to risk the animal’s health. The 17 puppies – nine male, eight female – are growing stronger and preparing to go to new homes. –Associated Press

An Ohio man is suing his neighbor for giving his puppy away. When the man was unable to housetrain his pooch, he turned the dog over to his neighbor, who offered to help for a $50 fee. But instead of training the dog, the neighbor gave the pup to a kennel, from which it was later adopted. –The Morning Journal