June 15, 2012 03:30 PM

These stories are worth a click:

While speaking at a fundraiser in New York City, President Barack Obama noted how First Dog Bo outranks him in terms of popularity. “I always explain I rank fifth in the hierarchy in the White House,” he said. “People come to the White House – first they ask, where’s Michelle? They ask, where are the girls? And then they say, where’s Bo?” –Obama Foodorama

A hairless pink dog spotted walking around China had observers questioning whether it was a mutant breed spawned from a pig, before police officers identified it as a Chinese crested hairless dog. “It is definitely a dog, and quite an expensive one at that,” said a spokesman. –Telegraph

Twenty-four years after winning a goldfish at a local English fair, Paul Palmer’s fishy friend, named Sharky, is still going strong. “He’s had a charmed life because mum actually put him down the toilet once thinking he was dead but he swam back up the U-bend,” Palmer said. “He’s grown up with me and I’ll miss him when he finally goes.” –Evening Chronicle

Research shows that while cats’ brains have remained mostly unchanged since their domestication approximately 8,000 years ago, dogs’ brains have gotten bigger due to their increasingly social nature. But the question over which species has the higher I.Q. remains debatable. –Huffington Post

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