The Water Bowl: Pooch Lends a Paw to Recycle; Plus, Rotterdam's New Polar Bear!

These stories are worth a click:

These stories are worth a click:

A few years ago, Jan Larion and her husband taught their Rottweiler how to pick up water bottles just for fun – and now she’s helping keep their Michigan neighborhood clean by collecting recyclable trash on the street.–CNN

A 4-month-old polar bear named Vicks, who reminds us of a young Knut, has made his debut at the Rotterdam Zoo. –Buzzfeed

Hazel, a puppy from Patterson, N.J., is being hailed a hero for waking her owners during a house fire. “She was just barking like crazy and we got up,” Jaquis Brownfield said.–

A new Uppsala University study now links the wrinkles Shar-peis have to the fevers they frequently get. Researchers say they are caused by the same genetic mutation.–New York Times

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