The Water Bowl: Polar Bear Swims 9 Days for Food; Plus, Birds in Arkansas Killed Themselves

These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

For 232 hours and 426 miles, a polar bear swam in freezing waters to search for food, and scientists attribute this to climate change and melting sea ice. The bear, equipped with a GPS collar, had been carrying a cub, who did not survive the months they were being tracked. –Mail Online

Thousands of dead birds mysteriously dropped from the sky in Arkansas on New Year’s Eve, and experts have determined that they killed themselves, flying into trees and houses, causing traumatic injury.–New York Daily News

A hybrid offspring produced by an Antarctic minke whale and a northern minke whale has recently been discovered by Norwegian hunters. Normally, the two species get separated by their migrations, and scientists speculate that the whales are straying in search of food. –National Geographic

An escaped convict was planning to commit suicide by letting bears in Yellowstone National Park eat him. He had been feeling too much fear and panic after fleeing prison and wanted to end it. –AP

Why does the seahorse look like a seahorse and not like its cousin, the pipefish? Scientists say the seahorse evolved the curved body to help hunt and feed. –Mail Online

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