The Water Bowl: Pit Bull Saves Woman from Attacker; Plus: K-9 Back on Job After Taking Bullet

These stories are worth a click:

These stories are worth a click:

Marie Wells of Southbridge, Mass., says her 5-year-old pit bull named Princess was stabbed several times protecting her from a vicious attack by her boyfriend who wielded a 12-inch knife. “She did not attack him,” Wells said. “She was in front of me trying to protect me.”–

Thirteen-year-old Anna Barowsky helped buy a bulletproof vest for Marco the police dog in Framingham, Mass. She spent months raising $750 by selling dog biscuits, doggie shaped earrings and lemonade.–

Another police dog named Kilo, whose life may have been saved by his bulletproof vest that prevented a bullet from entering his neck, is back on the job after being shot in the jaw and leg nearly two weeks ago. The gunman, who also fired at officers, was fatally shot by authorities.–

Curt Pate, the Montana cowboy who worked with Robert Redford in the 1998 film The Horse Whisperer, has switched his focus to cows. For the past five years he’s been traveling the country training ranchers to think like cattle and use low-stress methods of handling livestock. Pate’s work is being sponsored by the National Cattleman’s Beef Association who wants to deflect bad publicity generated by secretly shot videos of cows being mistreated at Ohio dairy farms recently.–AP

Government officials in Southern Sudan announced a $10 million plan to transform some of it’s rural cities, including two state capitals, into the shapes of animals and fruit like a giraffe and a pineapple, which appear on their flags.–AP

A 50-lb. black Lab named JoJo is recovering after a man dragged him behind a truck. According to animal cruelty investigator, a woman saw the dog being towed by a trailer and flashed the driver with her lights until he stopped. The man, who allegedly said “it’s just a little bit of blood,” handed the dog over to the woman who turned him into the Greater Birmingham Humane Society.–The Birmingham News

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