These stories are worth a click

By People Staff
Updated July 12, 2010 02:30 PM

These stories are worth a click:

And Paul the prognosticating octopus, after correctly calling the result of the World Cup final in Spain’s favor, may go into retirement. The octopus, who lives at the Sea Life Oberhausen aquarium in Berlin, will now get to live his life playing with his handlers. –New York Daily News

Anyone who has flown with a pet knows this familiar panic –what if Fido needs to pee after we’ve gone through security? To provide some relief for pets and their owners, Washington, D.C.-area airports now have pet relief areas complete with fire hydrants and artificial grass. –

Jon Hamm may be a big deal around Hollywood, but his dog could care less. On the morning of the Mad Men star’s latest Emmy nomination announcement, his pooch Cora reacted by farting in his face. “She’s sort of over it all,” Hamm says. –TV Guide

As part of its campaign to drastically cut down the 1.25 million stray dogs in Baghdad, Iraqi teams have put down 58,000 of them in the past three months. The dogs are being blamed for attacks on residents. –AP

A clever and seemingly grateful monkey in China is paying his owner back for saving his life by copying everything he does. The one-armed, one-legged animal cracks eggs and slaughters chickens, as many as nine in one day. –Orange UK

A 13-year-old cat in England has been identified as the burglar who had been stealing underwear, socks and gardening gloves from the backyards of his neighbors. He had been bringing them back as presents for his owners. –Reuters