These stories are worth a click

By People Staff
Updated March 02, 2011 03:30 PM

These stories are worth a click:

Luis Moreno, a professional soccer player from Colombia, kicked an owl that wandered onto the pitch during a game. The punt eventually killed the bird. –New York Daily News

Even if the situation isn’t that funny, chimpanzees will laugh along with their playmates in order to strengthen social bonds – something that humans do, too. –Mail Online

Mice that exercise remain youthful, while their sedentary counterparts turned bald and frail, or had just plain died. The impact of exercise on the aging process could have implications for human health. –

A newly discovered fossil from 500 million years ago looks like a cactus with 20 legs, but in fact, was a crazy looking worm. –

Lions in the United States maybe soon be listed as an endangered species. A wildlife group coalition has filed a petition for the status, citing international trading of wild lions as one of the reasons for the reduced population. –