These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

Peanut, an orangutan from Miami famed for her mastery of the iPad, is now battling cancer. Analysis of her cells revealed that there is very little difference between Peanut’s and those of a cancer-afflicted human’s, a discovery that is helping doctors shape her treatment, as the disease is very treatable in human cases. –

A goose with a genetic condition that makes his feathers stick out like spikes was saved from deportation from England’s Sanctuary Pond due to protests from locals, who have come to love the bird, named Eddie after the character Edward Scissorhands. Visitors to the pond mistakenly believed Eddie had been attacked after seeing his appearance, but officials examined his habitat and deemed it safe for him to stay. –

Researchers from the Brazilian Center for Coastal Studies at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Suls believe the 745 penguins that washed up along Brazil’s coastline died from natural causes. Noting that many of the birds were young, while the older ones showed no signs of injury, the deaths are being attributed to natural selection. –CNN

A 22-year-old surfer died after a shark attacked him, and bit off his leg in the Indian Ocean off the coast of French island La Reunion. Though fellow surfers were able to bring the man, Alexandre Rassica, to shore, officials said he had entered cardiac arrest before paramedics arrived. –Huffington Post

Researchers sewed the eyelids of 31 kittens shut to study how the brain responds to sensory deprivation, part of a new study on the condition known as lazy eye. “[Cats] are the only mammals with frontally positioned eyes, and therefore the only animals to develop severe amblyopia similar to humans under similar circumstances,” said a spokesman for Cardiff University, where the study took place. “It is impossible to use any other kind of technique for this study.” –The Telegraph