December 31, 2009 10:59 PM

These stories are worth a click:

A tea-drinking mallard named Edwina who was rescued two decades ago by Knight and Christine Christopher of Hampshire, England, has died at age 22. The couple raised her after saving her from being pecked to death by a family of ducks.–BBC

Police in Ohio found a small lamb’s head inside a display microwave at an IKEA store earlier this month. Unfortunately, security tapes do not show the area well enough to provide sufficient evidence and police currently have no suspects.–

Plan to quit smoking in 2010? Here are 8 ways your pooch can help you kick the habit.–

A lawsuit filed by residents in the poor mountain town of Guayama, Puerto Rico, and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has halted plans to build a monkey-breeding facility there. The facility, to be opened by Bioculture Ltd., would hold some 3,000 monkeys and supply the animals to pharmaceutical companies for research.–

A bizarre and sad tale out of southern California: A man named Bayron Reyes Lopez allegedly jumped out of a third story window, killed a woman’s miniature Schnauzer with his bare hands, and then poured coffee all over himself after he ran through a tennis club naked. The dog’s owner is hailing her pet, Kokanee, a hero: “I know that human life is much more important than the life of an animal, but she sacrificed her life for me this morning. She bought enough time so that he didn’t attack me,” owner Julie Donnelly said.–

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