The Water Bowl: New Mexico Baseball Team Adds Blind Puppy to Their Roster

These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

A minor league baseball team form New Mexico, the Albuquerque Isotopes, adopted a blind puppy named Stevie Wonder and made it an official member of their team. “Everyone loves him. The players, the coaches, clubhouse guys, everyone,” said new owner John Ely, who will bring Stevie back home with him to Chicago after the season is over. –Huffington Post

After being discovered on the side of a road in Ohio, an 8-week-old gray wolf pup has a new home at Busch Gardens Virginia. Now named Boise, the pup will eventually be introduced into one of the park’s wolf packs, and go on to serve as an animal ambassador. –Huffington Post

A 3-month-old baby chimpanzee was mysteriously killed by an adult male chimp in front of visitors at the Los Angeles Zoo on Wednesday. Zoo officials are investigating the cause, but in the meantime, the newborn’s body has been left with the mother so she can mourn. –Los Angeles Times

After spending 12 hours trapped inside of a wall, a 6-week-old kitten named Leila was rescued by firefighters in her British home. Her owner contacted animal rescue workers after realizing the kitten was missing, and later heard meows coming from inside the bathroom wall. –Daily Mail

Whereas dog houses were once considered the main home for pets, they are now becoming increasingly ornamental as animals have taken up residence in the family home, and less and less of an actual space for the pet to live. “Half our clients say, ‘Hey, we’d like a replica of our home for the dog,’ and half say, ‘This is the dream house we’ve always envisioned but couldn’t afford in real life’ ”, said Michelle Pollak, an interior designer who creates custom doghouses. –New York Times

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