The Water Bowl: More Support for Cat Collars; Plus, Bear Does Yoga!

These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

Santra, a female bear at Finland’s Ahtari Zoo, has been showing off her yoga skills to crowds. The flexible bear has an impressive stretching routine: “It was exactly the same as when you see people do yoga – easy, slow, focused and calm,” said a witness. –Mail Online

Only 2 percent of lost cats are returned to their owners, mostly because they don’t wear collars. A recent study shows that most cats will keep their collars on without really injuring themselves, suggesting that owners should put these identifiers on their kitties. –New York Times

Walruses in Alaska have lost their sea ice resting places and have had to move ashore. Sadly, the situation won’t improve for them. According to one scientist, “There is no sign of Arctic recovery.” –L.A. Unleashed

Polar grizzlies, wholphins, ligers –these animal hybrids may seem freakish, but they’re more common than we think. Interspecies breeding does occur in nature occasionally, and while they’re often genetic dead ends, the hybrids can adapt to situations that their parents can’t. –New York Times

They may have lost their limbs to sharks, but a group of attack victims are pleading to save the species, which is killed off in the millions each year for their fins. –New York Daily News

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