These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

One of Queen Elizabeth II’s canine companions who made a memorable cameo during the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony has died. Monty was one of three of the Queen’s corgis who starred alongside Daniel Craig in the James Bond sketch. –AP

Sure, they’re adorable, but here’s something not so warm and fuzzy about pet hedgehogs: At least 14 people in six states have been infected with salmonella from the pets. Half of those cases were in kids younger than 10. –

A deaf dolphin once stranded off the Louisiana coast will find a home among other dolphins at a Mississippi facility on Tuesday. The 6½-ft. marine animal, discovered in March, was also severely sunburned when researchers discovered him stuck on a mudflat. –AP

Six deadly snakes and two small alligators were among the 13 exotic pets animal control authorities confiscated from a New York housing project apartment on Friday. Police didn’t arrest the owner, but the animals were removed due to housing regulations. –CNN

Oh, gee: New Zealand’s Department of Conservation rescued a seal facing strangulation because of a G-string wrapped around its neck. The risqué undergarments were discovered on the pup after it was found just beyond an area called “Lover’s Leap,” and they were auctioned off for charity to the tune of about $110. –Daily Mail