July 20, 2011 04:00 PM

These stories are worth a click:

Michael Vick put his weight behind anti-dogfighting legislation, lobbying Congress to back the law, which would penalize people who attend dogfights or allow minors to attend. “Help us to reach out to these kids before they go down the wrong path,” he said in his speech. –AP

Marathon swimmer Diana Nyad will attempt to swim from Cuba to Key West non-stop, and without a shark cage. The 61-year-old woman will likely have to swim for 60 hours with minimal protection from sharks. –New York Times

A leopard in India mauled 11 villagers. Other villagers fought the animal with knives, stones and batons. It later died of its wounds. –AP

A horse snuck into a Florida pool and had to be rescued by firefighters. A veterinarian had tried for two hours to coax the animal out of the water. –Orlando Sentinel

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