The Water Bowl: Meet Peggy Leg, the World's Smallest Bionic Pet

These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

Peggy Leg, a Chihuahua born without a foot, will become the world’s smallest bionic pet after receiving a titanium implant that will allow her to walk again. The procedure is part of new experimental medical research being done in the U.S. following its success in Europe. And she’s looking for a new home. –KOAT 7

An Oregon man is suffering from the plague after being bitten by a stray cat. The incident marks only the fifth case of the disease in the state since 1995. –The Oregonian

New research shows that male spiders castrate themselves in order to become better fighters, because removing the sperm-containing palps on the body lessens their weight and increases endurance. “The palps are heavy compared to the whole body mass,” Daiqin Li, an expert in animal behavior, said. “If they remove one or two palps, they are able to run faster and longer. –Discovery News

A Pennsylvania man has been arrested and charged with setting his home on fire after he initially attempted to blame the blaze on his dog. John Saparo claimed that his dog had knocked over a fan that he was cleaning, leading to the start of the fire. –AP

Animal charity SPCA International was found to have spent the nearly $27 million it raised through fundraising efforts on fees to a direct-mail company. The organization also reported that it only donated 0.5% of the total it collected to animal shelters. –CNN

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