The Water Bowl: Meet New York's Newest Resident – a Walrus!

These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

Say hello to Mitik, the 15-week-old rescued walrus who’s due to arrive in N.Y.C. Thursday as the New York Aquarium’s latest addition. But visitors hoping to get a glimpse of the 234-lb. baby will have to wait: he is set to be released from the aquarium’s in-house medical facility after 30 days. –New York Times

Fido needs to start his day on the right (and most delicious) note, too: Researchers at the University of Kentucky found that trained dogs who ate breakfast boosted their search performance compared to those who didn’t chow down in the morning. –BBC

Leah, the border collie who was resuscitated by Texas firefighters after a house fire Sunday, has died. The hour-long rescue effort, which required a pet-sized oxygen mask, was documented in a video. –ABC News

Looking for the perfect home to share with a special furry someone? Industry sources say apartment complexes are more frequently opening their doors to owners with pets, and amenities such as dog parks and washing stations are on the rise. –Wall Street Journal

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