August 05, 2011 03:30 PM

These stories are worth a click:

“Every bodega cat has unique markings, unique personality, unique whiskers. The bodega is their terrain.” That, and more than you ever wanted to know about bodega cats, is in this new short film. –YouTube

A Manhattan couple who lost a prized monkey doll named Bongo this week has been receiving threatening prank calls from strangers about Bongo’s whereabouts. The couple says losing the doll has been “like losing a child.” –

Happy Feet, the emperor penguin who wandered from Antarctica to New Zealand and has been rehabbing in his new country, now has a live stream. –

Los Angeles police officers swept through six L.A.-area animal shelters this week and confiscated guns and ammunition during an investigation. Though animal services departments are given guns, they believe some guns are missing. –

A 78-year-old North Carolina man has been sentenced to five years in prison after selling a pit bull named Hurricane Hugo, a onetime fighting dog. The man, a dogfighting “legend,” had sold the dog to an undercover investigator. –AP

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