The Water Bowl: Maru the Cat Lands Commercial Gig

These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

In a career move that may draw comparisons to, say, Justin Bieber, Maru – the most famous feline to hit the Internet – is channeling his online glory into the world beyond the web. Maru the Scottish Fold is starring in a 30-second commercial for Uniqlo that advertises a new branch of the clothing retailer opening in San Francisco on Oct. 5. –Time

Twelve zoos across the U.S. and Canada are using iPads as a form of enrichment for orangutans. The primates, participants in a program called Apps for Apes, prefer kid-friendly apps that simulate activities, like painting and memory games. –Reuters

The Department of Agriculture has cited Harvard Medical School for mistreatment of lab animals. This official warning for the prestigious medical school’s violation of the U.S. Animal Welfare Act reflects multiple incidents, including the deaths of four monkeys in less than two years. –Washington Post

A University of California, Davis study suggests that some birds may be rather human in the way they honor their dead. Researchers found that western scrub-jays call out to one another and stop foraging for food when they come across a dead bird. These funeral-like rituals are seen in other animals, including elephants and giraffes. –BBC

A kitten that hitched a ride from Connecticut to western New York while curled atop the car’s gas tank needs a forever home. After surviving the six-hour ride, workers in Rochester, N.Y., found the cat, who will be put up for adoption when she puts on enough weight. –AP

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