These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

Tech XX, the 4-year-old English bulldog and face of Louisiana Tech University, has been missing since Sunday, and locals are offering a $2,000 reward for his safe return. The dog disappeared while on a bathroom break outside of the animal clinic he calls home. –USA Today

A 6-week-old tabby cat, now named Yonda, stowed away on a delivery truck departing Turkey and ended up 2,000 miles away in Dartford, England. After appearing “very timid and frightened at first,” according to Cats Protection employee Heather McCann, the kitten is now doing well and looking for a permanent home. –BBC News

Firefighters in Richmond, Calif., rescued a 200-lb. pig from a house fire. The animal was trapped in the garage, but firefighters were able to beat back the flames before the pig was harmed. –

New Jersey’s state Supreme Court ruled that a woman who witnessed her dog get mauled and killed by another dog was not entitled to damages for emotional distress. Residents are allowed to seek damages if they see a family member suffer a traumatic death or serious injury, but jurors ruled the same does not apply to pets, which are considered property. –

The death of harbor seal pups along New England last fall was found to be caused from a strain of influenza related to the bird flu found in ducks in 2002. The disease’s jump to mammals has scientists concerned that it could move on to humans next, as this latest mutation spread between the seals and could target a protein in the human respiratory tract. –TIME