These stories are worth a click

September 07, 2012 03:30 PM

These stories are worth a click:

For Kristen Stewart, the debate isn’t always between Team Edward and Team Jacob – is she a cat lady or a dog lover? “I don’t like cats,” Stewart said at Thursday’s Toronto premiere of her indie film On the Road (while Robert Pattinson presented a Twilight trailer 2,500 miles away at the MTV Video Music Awards amid their cheating scandal). “I’m a dog person. You know what I’m saying?” Team Jacob, eh? (No comment yet from her beloved cat Max.) –MTV News

The Department of Veterans Affairs will not pick up the tab for service dogs assigned for mental disabilities, according to guidelines published on Wednesday in the Federal Register. The VA said there isn’t enough research to support claims that canines helped veterans with combat-caused disabilities, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; the department will pay for dogs that serve veterans with impaired vision, hearing or mobility. –

Whether you plan on voting for Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, here are a few candidates worth getting behind: Ahpun the polar bear and Denali the wolf. The Alaska Zoo is getting political with its own presidential election, which will serve as a fundraiser. “I assure you this race is not about the color of their fur, their gender or even a species issue,” said the zoo’s development director. –ABC News

New York police released a graphic video of a dog beating that took place inside a Harlem housing project on Aug. 26. Police need help tracking the suspect, who cruelly kicks and hits a medium-sized dog in the footage. –NBC New York

Researchers in Vietnam discovered a new species of fish with, um, male genitalia on its head, which also includes a rod and hook that grabs females during intercourse. The fish, Phallostethus cuulong, is the newest member of the Phallostethidae family. –

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