The Water Bowl: Kitten Survives 25-Mile Journey in Car Engine

These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

A 5-week-old stray kitten traveled for 25 miles in the engine of a car, and arrived uninjured at the London Stansted Airport. The cat was discovered by staff at the airport when they heard purring noises coming from the car. It has since found a new home. –BBC

A proposed tax on cats and dogs in Italy was struck down before being voted on in response to public uproar. “The only thing that’s left to tax are wives and children,” said parliamentarian Domenico Scilipoti. –Reuters

A woman and her male accomplice were arrested for the theft of a $3,000 English bulldog from a Houston pet store. The woman used her two children as a distraction before she ran away with the pet. –AP

A new study has found that, due to extensive crossbreeding, modern dog breeds have little in common with their ancient ancestors. “The ubiquity of dogs, combined with their deep history, has obscured their origins and made it difficult for us to know how dogs became the first domestic animal,” said lead researcher Dr. Greger Larson. –BBC

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