October 18, 2012 04:30 PM

These stories are worth a click:

So much for earning its stripes: A wildlife photographer snapped a zebra in Kenya whose coat is characterized by a spotty back. “He appears to have no mates and a lot of scars,” explains the photographer. –Daily Mail

An animal rights organization is offering a $2,500 reward for information in the case of an Oregon cat found shot by an arrow. Pumpkin, the 2-year-old tabby discovered Sunday with an arrow sticking out of his torso, is recovering at home after undergoing surgery. –The Oregonian

No coffee required! Researchers say dolphins can stay awake for more than two weeks by sleeping with only half of their brains. “After being awake for many hours or days, humans and other animals are forced to stop all activity and sleep,” a marine biologist explains. “Dolphins do not have this restriction, and if they did, they would probably drown or become easy prey.” –Discovery News

Kabang, the celebrated dog who lost half of her face saving two girls in the Philippines, will undergo chemotherapy for an aggressive tumor before California veterinarians attempt any other surgeries. Her treatment means her stay in California could last three to six months. –San Francisco Chronicle

Should you be worried if your pet needs to go under anesthesia for a surgical procedure? A Chicago veterinarian says the risks can be minimized with appropriate preparation and a qualified team. For instance, all animals should undergo a thorough examination before the sedation takes place. –Huffington Post

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