September 18, 2012 04:20 PM

These stories are worth a click:

Do you still miss Coral Key Park and Marine Preserve’s finest swimmer? Nearly 50 years since Flipper went off the air in 1967, Veep star (and Emmy nominee) Julia Louis-Dreyfus wants to bring back her favorite childhood TV show. “Talking dolphin. How can you beat that?” she said. “Well, sort of talking. It communicated. A dolphin who beats the bad guy every week. I think we should redo that. I think I’m going to pitch that.” –AP

Not all toys are ideal for a game of fetch: In a report published this week in the Pediatrics journal, doctors warn pet owners to keep their four-legged friends away from Water Balz, a popular children’s toy made of a super-absorbent polymer. When exposed to water, the marble-size ball can grow into the size of a racquetball. –New York Times

Missy, a German shepherd-Rottweiler mix who was abandoned on a hike up a Colorado mountain last month, will not return home with her owner, who critics say left her for dead. After she was rescued by a team of hikers, her owner, now charged with animal cruelty, sought custody; now the rescued pooch will live with one of her rescuers. –ABC News

The National Zoo’s new addition won’t receive a name until the end of the year in accordance with Chinese tradition. Custom says the panda cub, who was born on Sunday to Mei Xiang, is to be named 100 days after birth. –CBS News

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