The Water Bowl: It's a Bat on a Plane!

These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

When something started flying through the cabin of a Delta jet headed for Atlanta, the flight had to return to Wisconsin. The creature was most likely a bat, which passengers eventually trapped inside the lavatory. –

The rapper Big Boi was arrested for possession of a controlled substance after a police K-9 smelled drugs on him as he was getting off a cruise in Miami. –AP

Rosie, a courtroom dog, comforted a teenage girl in New York who had to testify against her father, also her accused rapist. Now, the golden retriever therapy dog is part of a debate as to whether the dog sways jurors. –New York Times

The closest species to humans, chimpanzees, are like humans in that they help other chimpanzees “simply because they understand they need help.” New research shows that chimpanzees in the wild share food and help each other during fights. –New York Times

A Buddhist group in Massachusetts bought about 600 lbs. of lobster – 534 crustaceans in total – and released them into the sea as part of a prayer ceremony. The group claims a fishing vessel was at the site of the ceremony, hauled up the 534 lobsters and resold them on the market. “We’re just having fun,” says a wholesale lobster salesman. –The Boston Globe

Pet supplies that are functional and cute? We can never get enough. Here’s a list of 110 to satisfy your browsing urges. –Daily Candy

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