These stories are worth a click

These stories are worth a click:

Need a lifedog? In Italy, canines are being trained to jump from helicopters and speed boats to help swimmers in need of rescue. The dogs wear special harnesses and help tow people back to shore, serving as an “intelligent lifebuoy.” –Mail Online

In India, a 23-day-old pet calf is enjoying an unusual feeding regimen. It’s being breastfed by a woman named Chouti Bai, who has become a local attraction. The cow also enjoys sitting on her lap. –Unleashed

CCTV footage helped lead to the public’s judgment of Mary Bale, the now-notorious British woman who threw a cat into a trash can –but is that a good thing in the long run? Do we want our every move captured on video that could eventually go viral on the Internet? –

Is it really about the color of your … fur? A small study from 2000 indicated that cats with darker coats caused more severe allergies in their owners, but the study’s author said it was not conclusive. –New York Times

The government of Tanzania is planning to build a highway through the Serengeti, causing concern among conservationists. The highway would destroy the ancient migratory patterns of wildebeest and zebra herds. –AP