These stories are worth a click

By People Staff
October 23, 2012 04:15 PM

These stories are worth a click:

Step aside Beyonce! Terrier mix Suni is hoping to snag the record for the world’s smallest dog. Weighing in at 0.22 lbs. with a height of 2.36 in., she’s tinier than her owner’s cell phone. –Daily Mail

Talk is not cheap for whales: According to a study published in the latest issue of Current Biology, certain species of the marine mammal can imitate human voices. “They are highly vocal animals,” explained one of the study’s authors. –Discovery News

Kissing up to your dog may not be so sweet for your health. Japanese researchers discovered that this display of affection could lead to gum disease after they scraped plaque off of the teeth of 66 dogs and 81 humans at an animal clinic and dog obedience school. –New York Daily News

Add these to your shopping list: Two of the Talking Friends apps from Outfit7 are making their debut as plush toys. Talking Tom Cat and Talking Ben the Dog repeat what you say when you squeeze their left paws, and even their mouths move. –New York Times

Meet the finalists for “The Friskies” – a.k.a. the Academy Awards of Internet cat videos. Voting closes Nov. 9, and the grand-prize winner will take home $15,000. –Yahoo! News